Bethany Lockwood ~ Her Fitness Journey

Bethany Lockwood

In 2011, a friend and I had started looking for ways to stay active. We bounced between a couple of different boot camps and gyms, never truly satisfied with the groups or the yielded outcome.

One day we stumbled across a Living Social coupon to Art of Strength. Due to the close proximity of it to work, we decided we must try it.

Flash forward to today, and I still keep going back to AOS. I keep going back because of all the individualized attention, the new friends I’ve made, and of course, the results!! The trainers challenge me to be my best which has pushed me to the strongest I’ve ever been. (and I’m continuing to get stronger!) In addition to increasing strength, I’ve increased in flexibility and confidence! Outside of the gym, I have been able to improve drastically in the sprint triathlons I participate in.

Everyday, I look forward to heading to the gym to what new activities the trainers have put together to make getting strong different and unique.


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