Butch Gilbert’s Journey to Fitness


AOS, Kettlebells and Golf

I was introduced to Angie after my final PT treatment at Memorial Hermann for shoulder and back pain. She worked with me on a weekly basis on flexibility. I complained about the loss of muscle mass and my passion for playing golf and that I had exercised my my entire life.

Angie started working with me on multi-strengthening and cardio exercises and then I started attending a few of her kettlebell classes with other clients.

The big day came when Angie opened Art of Strength Training Center in Sugar Land. Let the advanced training begin!!! I started attending classes once a week, then twice a week and then even up to 3 and 4 times per week. My golfing friends started noticing that I was consistently out-driving them from the Tee box.

My training progressed as I started doing more and more kettlebell exercises. BOOM, I was driving the ball 25-30 yards further and hitting my irons 15-20 yards further. Angie indicated that these new kettlebell techniques would really help me with my golf game, and boy did they!!

I am convinced that the classes taught at AOS strengthens the ENTIRE body!! I am hooked!!

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