Daphne Ring’s Fitness Journey

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My fitness journey to get back in shape and lose some serious weight began after college.  When I started school I was in a dance team and it was easy to stay fit-I could eat anything then!  But when I started my course of study in Dental Hygiene there was no time for dance team-just eat , study and sleep. I’m only 5foot2 and I was close to 150 at graduation!  When Bob and I married in 1981 I was down to 130 but not happy with myself yet.  Bob and I played tennis, enjoyed hiking and camping and by eating better I managed to get down to a comfortable feeling 110 by my first pregnancy.  My weight and fitness level remained constant thru my next pregnancy and for the next 20 years!  But one thing was desperately missing and I knew as I was going through my 50’s approaching 60’s it was STRENGTH and ENDURANCE.  Having grandkids made me want to be strong and as healthy as I can be.  I not only want to enjoy those kiddos, but I want to take them hiking and camping and share fitness with them. I started going to then AofS in August of 2012.

Daphne ooh ahh rock

The proof of what Iron Strength Gym can do for you when you simply apply yourself happened for me in May of 2013.  I was invited to hike the Grand Canyon with 2 weeks to get ready!  A trip like that-I had to go.  Not only did I hike that darn canyon from top to bottom and back up-I enjoyed it and felt great-other than boots that weren’t quite broken in and a bit small!   I took a brief break and came back in the fall of 2014.  Angie, Eric and Tara had made changes that helped protect from injury, more training for kettle bell use and exercises that made a difference quicker.  I was impressed and so glad to get back at it-as I said to Angie, “I want my guns back!”

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