Holly Hutchins’ Fitness Journey

Holly Hutchins

“My fitness journey has been a steady trek. I have always considered myself “mostly fit” as exercise and maintaining a healthy diet have been a consistent part of how I stayed healthy. However, it was not until I turned 40 (I am now almost 44) that I realized my “mostly fit” regimen was not getting me the results I wanted. I wanted to be stronger and leaner, but the common ways of achieving this (joining a large gym, running a marathon, purchasing expensive home weight equipment) were not appealing. I wanted creative exercises with coaches that would help me with technique, and also challenge my approaches to fitness and diet. I found that with AoS. I love the basic exercise tools we use (ropes, kettle bell, balls, vintage weights), the innovative exercises, and expertise and passion the trainers have for their work. Moreover, I like the AoS community. We support and challenge each other, all the time having a good time. It is a small gym that makes a big impact, and I see it in my own fitness and that of others. I am stronger and leaner than I was 10 years ago, and owe it to the AoS team.

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