Lose Big Win Big

lose big win big dates






  1. 3 Teams ~ Team Captains will be Angie, Amber & Eric. Team Captains select team members.
  2. There will be three to six members on each team.
  3. Must be an AOS member in order to participate.
  4. Each participant will receive the following from their Team Captain
    1. Guidelines
    2. Worksheets
    3. Nutrition plans
    4. LOTS of support
    5. Access to Team Captain by email, text and phone for the duration of the contest.
    6. Weekly one hour appointment with team and captain


  • $20 per week paid in advance to Team Captain.


Winning team is determined by the most inches and percentage of pounds lost PER TEAM by the end of March 2013. The prize will be determined by each team. The winning team will be allowed to select what they would like to receive (within reason). Examples are: rock climbing day, spa day, great healthy meal on the town.

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