The Swing


The Swing is the foundation drill for all kettlebell training!!

As you quickly realized, the swing ties all your muscle groups together, working in “concert”, precisely connecting the hamstrings to the glutes and lower back. This connection is what’s been missing in our physical culture for nearly 70 years.

A person can be strong in his arms or legs, but if not in his loins and lower back, really cannot be called a strong person at all, especially in the “core.” ┬áSo, that’s why we have you work on your “swings” in almost every workout.

On a lighter note….there is an article about a lady that had 100 pounds to lose and started with the kettlebell swings as her primary exercise. Not only did she lose the weight, but ended up being able to swing a 52 pound KB for a total of 35 minutes!!!! WOW, talk about strong hamstrings, glutes, loins and lower back!! That’s the definition of a super strong woman!! So, get after it!!!

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