Top 5 Reasons Kettlebell Training is Good for Your Back

Working out with Kettlebells


1. Kettlebell exercises strengthen the glutes – most people have “gluteal amnesia”…weak and flabby buns!

2.Kettlebell exercises stretch the hip flexors. – the muscles at the tops of your thighs

3.Kettlebells develop back extensor endurance. – your low back muscles must be able to “work” for long periods of time (hence, kettlebell swing-throughs)

4.”Bracing” is superior to hollowing for spinal stability. – bracing is like getting your abs ready to be punched by a bully.

5. Sensible ballistic loading appears to reduce the odds of arthritis. – ballistic meaning not staying still – and like I always say, “Motion is Lotion” keep moving to ward off arthritis!

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