VaRun Gupta’s Journey to Fitness

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” I never set a goal to be unhealthy and out of shape. But that’s where I found myself in June 2005. My doctor told me that I was obese. I remember thinking no way, but it was true. It was a wakeup call for me; within a few days I had joined a gym. I was mad at the doctor.

Like so many others I tried to lose it all in one week by way overdoing the exercise. I fooled myself that I was working out so I could eat whatever I wanted. No significant changes. I didn’t go back to the doctor.

In 2010, I started cycling, 2011 running. No change in diet, some results. I was usually last in races and rides, that was fine until it wasn’t. In March 2013, Amber posted the following on facebook: ‘most people make the mistake of trying to get their body in shape by running, you need to get your body in shape to run.’ I joined AOS the next day. I had no idea the changes that were in store for me. I found a new doctor.

Wow, what a difference between going to a mega gym and Art of Strength. I lost fat, gained muscle, my running and biking improved dramatically. They helped me with my exercise technique and diet. The more weight I lost the more confidence I gained. Thank you, Doctor!”


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